ADMIN 4D is a project promoted by the IMPROVENET Network, co-financed by the Veneto Region – POR FESR 2014-2020.

It is a strategic project within the RIR, the Innovative Regional Networks, because it involves and develops some technologies characteristic of Industry 4.0, in particular “Smart Manufacturing”. Furthermore, it enhances the productive sectors of excellence: the 3D printing of minerals in large dimensions, the engineering of materials and their reuse, the sensors for Internet of Things, Mechanics and Mechatronics, the Big Data Analitycs, Cloud Computing and Network Security.

The project involves the development of an innovative production system that collects technical, chemical and material composition information from the different operating parts of 3D printers, the raw materials used and the materials that make up the finished products. Finally, it processes them in real time through specially developed algorithms.

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The public support granted to this project is € 1,250,482.17.