The Regional Innovation Network IMPROVENET aims to provide the following specific and innovative services to its members:

Technology Transfer

Promoting technology transfer from research to partner companies. In particular, the members of the network will have the opportunity to collaborate with regional Universities and Research Centres of Excellence, encouraging access to innovative and cutting-edge know-how and solutions in the field of Industry 4.0.

Training 4.0

Through this service IMPROVENET is committed to offering training courses specialized in Industry 4.0 to its members. Access to excellent training in the digital transformation field allows a redevelopment of human resources within the companies themselves, encouraging a simultaneous growth and development of organizations according to the continuous digital changes.


The attention to the process of internationalization is a service of primary importance for all companies in the area. Through this service IMPROVENET members will have access to excellent international contacts at European level in the Smart Industry, creating potential synergies to participate in future collaboration projects where possible.