On October 14, it will be possible to participate in the Innovation Lab WEBINAR “CYBER PHYSICAL MODEL OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN” – a model for the management of supply chain data in the life cycle of the product.

The webinar aims to present the Cyber Physical Model (CPM), developed as part of the Fisval Project (Integrated and Sustainable Supply Chain for the production of smart valves), co-financed from resources POR ERDF 2014-2020: Call for selection of strategic research, development and innovation project in implementation of the strategy Area Interna Alto Lago Como and Valli Lario.

The project aims to develop the logic of the smart factory at the level of the production chain, thus creating the first case in Italy of real vertical and horizontal integration according to the logic of the Industry Plan 4.0.

In particular, the definition of the functional and methodological logic of a Cyber Physical Model applicable to a generic production chain will be presented and deepened, the characteristics of the information architecture necessary for the implementation of these logics and the requirements of some applications to support the achievement of specific objectives for the management of the Fisval supply chain, that will be integrated in the context of the defined Cyber Physical Model.

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