Among the initiatives promoted by the European Commission there is I4MS (ICT innovation for manufacturing Smes), which supports manufacturing Smes and mid-caps in the ICT technologies application for the development of their business.

According to data reported by I4MS, the European manufacturing sector includes about 2.1 million companies that generate 31 million jobs and represent about 15% of EU GDP. 59% of all enterprises in the sector are small and medium-sized enterprises (Smes), generating together about 45% of the total value added of production. To ensure the competitiveness of this important pillar of the European economy at an international level, companies must be able to benefit from digital opportunities to accelerate and optimise their products and processes.

Thanks to I4MS, this transfer of digital technologies is facilitated by putting companies and their needs in contact with European technology suppliers and consortia of excellence in key areas of the digital factory, through ad hoc projects.

On the I4MS site Open Calls are published periodically: quick and easy financing schemes for application experiments in order to allow pilot and testing with new ICT technologies.

There is also a training catalogue for the introduction of new technologies related to digital transformation.

Among the members of IMPROVENET we have two I4MS Contact Points with the task of helping companies and stakeholders to use the opportunities offered by this European network: t2i and Nerosubianco.

t2i (Technology Transfer and Innovation), supports companies in defining and developing innovative pathways through the establishment of networks for technology transfer and the deployment of value-added services for industries and organisations also by means of co-funding programmes at local and european level. More information about the role of t2i in I4MS at this link.
Nerosubianco is a consulting and services company, which supports all those who are evaluating, planning or implementing innovative projects and technological partnerships, with a team of high qualified specialists and a network of experts at European level. More information about Nerosubianco’s role in I4MS at this link.