We hear more and more about Open Innovation, but first of all we should understand what it really is and why it is relevant how much we talk about innovative projects.

What is Open Innovation?

As defined by Prof. Henry Chesbrough “Open innovation is a paradigm that states that companies can and must make use of external ideas, as well as internal ones, and access internal and external paths to markets if they want to progress in their technological skills”. To deepen the topic we resume the analysis made by the National Technology Cluster FABBRICA INTELLIGENTE, of which IMPROVENET is partner.

Why is Open Innovation important in the manufacturing sector?

Resilience and sustainability are fundamental and indispensable values for a company that wants to innovate continuously. Internal innovation is no longer sufficient to be competitive and therefore it is essential to promote the exchange of technologies and knowledge with partners outside the company itself.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, it is necessary to fit into wider networks and enter into an intersectoral ecosystem, such as the one offered by the Improvenet Regional Innovation Network for example.

As reported by the president of Cluster Smart Factory, it is important “to create a condition that encourages the convergence between the world of start-ups and SMEs leading the supply chain: this is the scenario that would allow small businesses to access the universe of the large onesĀ».

The future of innovation then passes from Open Innovation! Find the complete article of the Smart Factory Cluster at this link.

IMPROVENET is a member of the National Smart Factory Technology Cluster, an association recognized with the aim of implementing a strategy based on research and innovation for the competitiveness of Italian manufacturing.