Fabiano Benedetti, CEO of the company, tells us the story of beanTech and we understand that the company is ready to accept the new challenges related to digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Who is beanTech?

beanTech is a computer reality that supports companies by offering 360-degree solutions ranging from data acquisition to IT architecture, from customized software developments to internal process management, from business analysis to the implementation of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms.

The company’s mission is to help manufacturing companies in the digitization process, offering end-to-end solutions through technologies such as AI, machine learning, cloud, data collection and analysis.

beanTech offers both solutions to optimize the process within the factory (MES, MOM, IoT, data collection from the factory) and solutions to innovate machinery and plants (predictive maintenance, monitoring, data analysis from a qualitative perspective).

beanTech reception

Why and when did you decide to join the IMPROVENET Network?

Fabiano tells us that everything started after a project meeting with Prof. Alessandro Beghi of the University of Padua. “The competitive advantage of joining IMPROVENET was immediately clear, as the activities promoted are completely in line with the ones achieved by the company,” he continues.

In addition, the willingness to join IMPROVENET is also linked to the interest of creating new networks and knowing better some regional realities, combining different skills both from the solution providers and from pilot cases.

“It is necessary to know new partners and promote open innovation exchange”

What is the role of beanTech within the VIR2EM Project?

beanTech is collaborating with the company SIPA, which designs and produces plants for the packaging chain (drinks, food, cosmetics), in order to create a digital system for their machines distributed around the world, of high added value based on

• Asset monitoring system

• Predictive maintenance

• Remote control of installations

The idea is to improve the performance of machinery (thanks to remote management and predictive maintenance) and to change the nature of the relationship between the supplier of the machine and the user, enhancing a proactive collaboration. The ability to react to problems and changes is a competence that must be provided by the manufacturer of digitized machines, which however enjoys a preferential channel in terms of consulting, training and spare parts. All this with a view to improve the service and the after-sales.

What benefits will beanTech receive from the project?

Without doubt, the project will strengthen relations with an important customer, offering an end-to-end technology. This project will be an excellent starting point for testing new technologies in a sector such as packaging.

Furthermore, through the project it will be possible to design and implement architectures for web and mobile applications, with a particular attention to data management and processing on AWS platform.

beanTech Academy

What are the main challenges that a SME can face in the digital transformation process?

“We are witnessing an increase of Industry 4.0 technologies, but the main difficulty is to bring value and use these technologies consciously,” Fabiano says. For this reason, beanTech thinks that training and customer involvement are at the basis of the digital transformation process of a company. For that reason, beanTech guides its customers in the strategic choices to be adopted through its Academy.

Fabiano Benedetti: CEO & President

Fabiano Benedetti is the CEO of beanTech, an IT company with over 160 employees and 15 million turnover, which supports companies in the challenges of Digital Transformation and helps them to achieve the opportunities of Industry 4.0