XTeam Software was founded in 1999 as a video game development company. The company has a long experience in game development to produce cutting-edge video games on a variety of platforms (desktop, mobile, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4), game engines (Unity3D and Unreal) and technologies (VR, AR, holographic projection and AI).

XTeam Software has also dedicated several research and innovation activities in other fields, developing for example V/R systems in post stroke rehabilitation, specializing in Artificial Intelligence in neural networks since early 2000 and also developing gamification and user experience techniques in the industrial field. This commitment for research and innovation projects has led the company to participate in 8 Horizon2020 projects, collaborating with research centers and universities of excellence both in Italy and abroad.

Why joining the RIR Improvenet?

XTeam Software started to collaborate with Zamperla before Improvenet and therefore there was the will to join the RIR to develop a joint research project. Currently, the two companies are collaborating together within the VIR2EM project to develop an augmented reality system capable of displaying data collected by Zamperla’s machines in real time and remotely, with the possibility of immediate intervention and interaction between different operators located in different places.


How does the company see itself in the future?

The Research XTeam Software is already participating, thanks to VIR2EM, to two Horizon Europe consortia on extended reality and with Zamperla they think to realize a commercial product able to transmit data in real time.

The idea is to create solutions that are closer to Industry 5.0, able to exploit the data collected to achieve greater energy savings, to implement predictive maintenance and improve efficiency not only in terms of working time, but also machine time. Also, from the circular economy point of view, they want to create solutions able to save the use of materials, optimize the work of machinery in relation to the energy spent, apply artificial intelligence to help machines become smarter.

Stefano Tamascelli CEO

Stefano Tamascelli is a senior developer, with twenty years of experience in the development of innovative projects funded by the European program Horizon 2020, mainly in research and development of artificial intelligence algorithms.


Zamperla S.p.A. is a historical Italian company, founded in 1966, recognized as one of the world’s leading players in the amusement park attraction market.

It has a total of about 450 employees, distributed in 4 locations in Italy and 6 locations abroad, and with a turnover of over 100 million euros in 2019, exporting almost all the products and services, especially in the Asian and American markets.

Zamperla is particularly active and popular in the North American market, having contributed to the rebirth of one of the most famous parks in the world – Coney Island (NY) – a real showcase in which the company has the opportunity to install and try many of its new products, as well as being one of the major suppliers of theme parks, among others, Disney, Universal, Merlin Entertainments and Six Flags.

The company is also characterized by adopting an ethical and socially responsible approach, thanks to the commitment on issues of inclusiveness and disability related to attractions.

A Zamperla product

What are the expectations of joining IMPROVENET?

Being part of the Improvenet Network is linked to the growing need to broaden horizons, acquire know-how, speed in the development of products or services and become part of a consolidated network, says Fabio Berti, New Technologies Chief Engineer of Zamperla. These aspects will be more and more important for the companies in order to face the competitors at local and global level.

What innovations is ZAMPERLA developing within the VIR2EM Project?

With the project VIR2EM, financed in part by the Veneto Region, we want to continue the development of a service platform for industry. The basic elements of the project are those related to Industria4.0: all operations related to the collection and management of data, from the connection to the transmission of the same, from archiving to analysis in order to generate different outputs.

Zamperla Team

With which other RIR partners are you collaborating on the project?

The project started with the creation of an internal research and development group at Zamperla (ZEIT, Zamperla Entertainment Integrated Technologies). The complexity is high and required transversal collaboration with other realities, from universities to companies providing technology and services, up to the manufacturers of the industry. For example, we can mention the University of Venice for the analysis of business and cybersecurity, Xteam with which there is a consolidated relationship and Statwolf, involved in data management.

How do you see the company at the end of the project?

The competitive advantages obtained are linked to the “know-how” that will allow to develop the business complying with market standards, needs and expectations as well as a greater involvement of the IMPROVENET network as a partner. Finally, the aim is to develop a prototype of a service platform for a further phase of evaluation and development.

Fabio Berti Zamperla

Fabio Berti, New Technologies Chief Engineer of Zamperla

Graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Padua, he began collaborating in Zamperla since 1996 with several roles as head of the electrical/electronic department, head of a research and development department of the ZEIT (Zamperla entertainment integrated technologies).