Uqido was born in 2010 from the algorithm to manage the flows of users, patented by Pier Mattia Avesani, CEO of the company. From this idea the code-elimination system, which is still in use in numerous Italian health agencies, was born and it helped the creation of Uqido.

The company is a true example of digital transformation for companies, considering the products and services offered, as well as the organization which is based on a horizontal management approach. Uqido is the union of two souls, the creative and the engineering, creating high-tech products and services, to meet the real needs of users.

Uqido company

Why did the company join the IMPROVENET Network?

Pier Mattia Avesani tells us that the decision to join the RIR IMPROVENET came from the need to be able to contribute to solve some crucial issues and problems expressed by some of the best companies in our territory, proposing tangible solutions, as well as innovative processes and products.

The Veneto Region is characterized with the highest rate of per capita of enterprises in the world, so there are many extraordinary and stimulating realities with which it is possible to develop new solutions together and test them to specific use cases.

Uqido technologies

What will the company achieve during the VIR2EM Project?

Uqido plans to carry out the following digital transformation projects:

1. the creation of a human centered prototype based on Mixed Reality and Cloud Computing to support operators dedicated to the quality control of products with the manufacturing partner Electrolux;

2. the definition of a study to create and test a standalone manufacturing machine Digital Twin, with the partner Sperotto Rimar.

What is the advantage of proposing solutions related to Mixed Reality?

Even though mixed reality has been found interested by the industry for several years, it has rarely found complete applications. Thanks to the VIR2EM Project it will be possible to build a mixed reality designed on Electrolux users, allowing more effective quality controls and reducing errors.

The creation of mathematical models for machinery has been discussed a lot in the literature, but it is very difficult to find the conditions to apply them in real physical environments.

With the VIR2EM project, however, it is possible to build a correct mathematical model and combine it with the corresponding physical part thanks to the test on a machine. In addition, it will also be possible to create a replicable platform for data collection and modelling.

How do you see the company at the end of the project?

Uqido will be one of the few Italian companies with experience and expertise in the design and development of Mixed Reality and Digital Twin applications within Industry 4.0, allowing an unrivalled positioning of the company in the national panorama.


Pier Mattia Avesani, CEO

Born in 1986, Verona, Pier Mattia Avesani has a huge curiosity, desire to learn, enthusiasm and a lateral thought that allows him to see things in a light clearer and far from the archetypes present in every company. He is today CEO of Uqido Srl, a software house with two souls: an engineering and a creative one, in which the personal attitude of the individual is enhanced and stimulated by offering time to explore their passions. He introduced yoga to the company every Wednesday morning, internal training with experts from different worlds and practice regularly free-climbing, activity that gives him the right energy to overcome each day his limits.